1 Why for the Municipal Meeting Minutes Index | Chronologies help ensure complete discovery

Without actually endorsing LexisNexis as an organization, let alone products I am quite uncertain about, it is within the sales pitch of the company that tells me its a lot simpler and easier citing someone else’s writings than trying to come up with something entirely new.

“A document index organizes knowledge by document rather than by fact. This approach ends up concealing facts rather than achieving the primary goal of a chronology—making case facts explicit.” – LexisNexis

Publishing an interactive index of public documentation does take thought, but when meeting minutes are entirely absent from access, this particular codification facet presents a clear threshold for a public documentation index.  Ensure the content is thoroughly indexed along with the date being in the file name.

However, the process of indexing the content from an internalized position held by government only, the reliable publishing of meeting minutes to a reliable location can help remove any reason for doubt that meeting minutes are not only being produced, but that they are being produced in a format that does not obscure information, as is the circumstances with 5 of the 7 municipalities:  Crestwood, Midlothian, Posen, Alsip and Blue Island, through the application of a variety of shortcuts that don’t even work in paper format, such as citation of IDOT and then needing to guess whether or not the acronym is short for Illinois Department of Transportation or who knows what other derivatives are out there.



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