Only 7, 7 and 2 to go

As with many of my creative efforts, even this one is about to take an unplanned twist that seems to fit well with the direction of the Municipal Meeting Minutes Index.

As I named this blog as a suggestion that I had only three more municipal board meeting minutes to collect, the “2” in the title represents two municipalities left on my list of 7, namely that of Robbins, Illinois and Markham, Illinois.

So thoughts crossed my mind this past weekend as I fell upon a portable drive that at least at one time in the past held a copy of both video and audio of one board meeting for Village of Midlothian with Mayor Thomas Murawski in office at the time.

Unfortunately, the drive was as damaged now as it was back when I recorded the meeting, but it got me thinking…

There are 7 municipalities that may or may not have video records of their board meetings and there are 7 municipalities that may or may not have audio records of their board meetings.

I wonder what it would take to get one copy of each format of one meeting each…

Yup!  Only 7, 7 and 2 to go!


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