Notes to New and Regular Visitors

Note to my Regular Visitors

I’d love to tell you a cascade of content has been falling into my hands, but I still am learning how to get to and from a variety of locations let alone my computer crashing out on me last Friday, my ink cartridge decided to stop spitting and you know something?  My clothes were sitting in a pile in my room, so I just spent the weekend cleaning up my reality before worrying about whether or not I even have my operating system disk or not.

As this has been the first chance for me to restore my system (found the disk this morning), despite the inactivity here on the blog, conversation continues to flow in fairly constructive manners…far more freely than before The Law Book List took its place on the Internet as a reliable index of local municipal code books throughout the nation.

The Crestwood front office has begun to step up its administrative game face and seems quite amiable to engage in civil and constructive conversations regarding their record-keeping practices as it relates to their meeting minutes.  Robbins seems to have an ace of an Administrator who has imagination and curiosity but whether or not these elements will translate into consistent delivery on the part of each of these local governments still remains a precarious proposition.

I continue to remain hopeful that my continuing to prolong setting an actual release date of something in a paper format will continue to reflect nothing more or less than a dedication to thoroughness with this matter that matters so much to so many people in so many different ways.

It is not that I have doubt in my ability to spot these types of administrative circumstances, but as I explained to someone the other day, there is no reason for me to not first apply my skill set in such a way to first aid my home community in presenting the best we can collectively pull together before the year is over.  As I continue to have had no doubt of my ability to secure one or even a few copies of meeting minutes, it is the nuances of words like “nuisance” that continues to haunt from literally within public and private record-keeping systems that continue to present some of the more confounding and confusing sets of unique circumstances I have been presented with.

Therefore, it remains my assessment that the prevailing wisdom within the boundaries of the State of Illinois continues to remain in an almost-still motion setting in which everything but these two sets of documents are to be talked about, squabbled about, requested, read, annotated, notated and/or otherwise brought forth in the course of seeking redress from the Government and that my home communities are to be no more villified for their activities than any other entity that has blockaded, obstructed and/or otherwise provided method and means to keep the State of Illinois in clear violation of not just the ADA direction and freedom of speech issues, but also that of a 14th Amendment violation.

There’s well over a thousand local municipalities in this State.  There are zero reliable switchboards available to quick connect and direct connect a citizen to an answer to who is in compliance with even the bare-boned Open Meetings Act demand of agendas, let alone municipal code books.

Lastly, I had my attention drawn to the Megaupload circumstances before my computer decided to leave me for a while and it crossed my mind that the current request by an uploader of content to access their content on file with the justice system represents perhaps one of the more articulate arguments that with slight modifications, fits this circumstance quite well.

In essence, the lawsuit suggests that it is irrelevant of what those who masterminded the schematic and that the consumer just wants their property back.  It sets forth a position of mini-lawsuits being a risk factor relative to the discovery process unraveling at an otherwise uninfluenced group of individuals involved with the overall legal case.

Therefore, it is feasible to consider the necessity and subsequent appropriate separation of the meeting minutes and municipal code book collection to be considered whole and separate from any past, existing and/or future issues as it relates to compliance versus non-compliance judgment upon a government entity.  I also still believe these documents have been so polarized and paralysing for so long, it cannot be considered good governance of one’s self if the only solution is to enter the justice system for solution.

Too bad there isn’t some sort of intervention program for this kind of stuff, right?

Oh wait!  That’s right.

There is.

It’s called constructive conversation.

And to think I consider today a good day! 🙂  But maybe that’s because if Illinois is to be the last of last in terms of credit, there may be a way for Illinois to become one of the first of the first to have our local law books take their rightful place on the shelves of American History as contained and managed by the Library of Congress.

Just another one of those many thoughts being dropped by passing my fingers over these labeled keys.

Note to my New Visitors

I am not a 160 character or less writer so if you’re looking for a list of theoretical commentary-filled headlines to review, then I may not be your best source of information above and beyond the municipal meeting minutes and municipal code books I have been working to have released from Too Pricey Of A Price Tag Purgatory.

Yes, I have inserted a dramatic slight of intellect with my anchoring a phrase intentionally designed to perhaps attract your imagination towards what anyone could possibly mean by using the phrase “Price Tag Purgatory.”

But if that phrase does nothing to perhaps entice you to review your own local public documentation circumstance, local governments collectively spend millions of dollars on fulfilling a variety of reasonable and rational publishing mandates, demands and desires.

So, the short of it is this project and direction is that not one member of one municipality in non-compliance with Digital Millenium Act, Sunshine and Open Meeting Act legislation went ahead and carried their own copies of their own board meeting minutes issused to them by the government through the existing budgeted for printing to their local library and

Some municipalities continue to refuse to budge from their continued position of theoretical protest.  Just as I would expect no one to demand of me, especially through a public or private court system to accept their judgment to be a forevermore and final judgment, I cannot simply demand of anyone to immediately stop and change their behaviors simply because I noticed something that was not to my own satisfaction.

As I was a writer before acquiring the typing skills to keep up with my mind’s pace, I could certainly present to the online community nothing but my opinions born from pieces of fact that no one would be able to check on because many meeting minutes are not available online and convince myself I have satisfied my need to compose something of an attention-getter without violating my own boundaries I have placed upon myself as it relates to knowing individualism influences collectivism and vice versa.

What that means to you, my reader, may very well be a vision of something entirely different than what I reflected upon when I formed these compositions for my own initial purpose.  You may be furious with the idea that every local library should have no less than a paper copy of the local laws, county laws and state laws.  Computer time is limited to a few hours and a library card and if a person wishes to spend two weeks in such a setting to study such documents, let alone 2 minutes, the word “impossible” actually applies.  The FOIA request was not (or it better not have been) designed to be used as a perpetual obstruction designed to force registration of interest in government-published materials labeled “Law” and “Meeting Minutes” and yet that’s exactly what we all face here in the State of Illinois…right along side of the rest of the nation who continues to endure a less than 40% compliance rate when our collection of local law books is singled out of the statistics.

The great thing about the word “impossible” is that I see it representing a possible temporary condition rather than a permanent and unwavering fixed state of mind.

So while I continue to work through this otherwise “impossible” set of circumstances by continuing to write out my own job description that achieves constuctive enhancement our public documentation system of publishing and distribution, perhaps you will join those who tolerate my irregular publishing habits to the online community while otherwise promising an update and relevant library location for Alsip, Blue Island, Crestwood, Markham, Midlothian, Posen and Robbins public documentation and stop back another time to see if anything has changed…

At least with these blogs.

I don’t know about the rest. 🙂


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