(Yawn! Stretch!) So! Anything change while I napped? Are we still Last of the Last in Credit?

From what I have studied about the concept of sleep, I believe I was (as typical) fairly silent as I passed the time in the darkness by simply closing my eyes and then letting myself go through the one and a half hour cycles of in, out, up, down and every other communication going on while I repeatedly tell myself, I know nothing of this content being displayed before my eyes while someone turns the light switch on and off…

Not only did I fall asleep early last night, I can make no apologies for choosing to view a few competing shows on non-mainstream channels and opting to avoid absorbing mountains upon mountains of spectacular speculation evolve from those who possess no more ill-will towards our right to freedom of speech than I, but when projections are offered without certification, it isn’t even the Dewey/Truman headline that my mind immediately wanders to.  My more recent discovery of Rice vs. Board of Trustees 326 Ill App.3d 1120 (Fourth District 2002) in which an Illinois Appellate Court voided a final action taken in an open meeting on an item of new business because it was not included in the agenda.

With hanging chads hanging on the lower rungs of my own list of examples of why drawing unwavering conclusions based upon seemingly unwavering speculation can create irregular skips and beats in the literal hearts and minds of anyone and everyone exposed to the speculation, the issue of the administrative error in public documentation sustains equal weight of importance irrelevant of personnel shifts in and out of job positions with job titles like “Clerk” and even “Administrator.”  Once all human relevance has been detached from our obligation to maintain a consistent, contiguous and continuous collection of municipal meeting minutes, it is quite easy to reflect upon the documents and question just how fact-based and political-neutral the documents are.

For example, the Mayor of the Village of Alsip seems to have some influence over what content is published in the minutes as is clearly evident when multiple years are cataloged and reviewed.  More recently, the page count for the minutes jumped significantly because the Clerk opted to perhaps even reprint(?) the Mayor’s statement in its entirety(?) regarding what appears to be a conversation pertaining to corporation structure and hierarchy.

So rather than a quick citation of the prepared speech, the whole text was placed in the position of factual notation rather than opinion and speculation over what motives and means have been lurking in the minds of others.

At first, I even thought about the idea of it having been appropriate for the speech to be attached to the minutes, but after rolling it around for a bit, I would think the only appropriate outlet for such a printing would be of the Mayor placing the content on his own personal website…done on his own time…with his own dollar…his own fingers doing the typing and sending…


He could simply institute a policy that from now on, there will be video and audio recordings of the meeting posted to the Village of Alsip website, thereby shutting down even Americans With Disabilities Act violations that are occuring on his watch, but what the hell do I know.  All I know is that if the Village of Alsip is going to be providing only partial transcripts of their meetings on the taxpayer dollar, who is behaving like a nuanced nuisance towards all who wish to view the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as it relates to what happens in a municipal meeting.

Our taxpayer-funded public forums should be wrapped in political-neutral expectations of nothing less being produced by the governing body, especially when theatrics are not only permissable, but a part and parcel of our right to attribute our beliefs and behaviors to that of a political vision rather than that of a mental health issue needing pages and pages of line-item billing attached to a numbering system found in the DSM.  This is a circumstance in which the answers can only be drawn from that of the system found within the Constitution of the United States of America that makes it very clear, there will be no abridgment of freedom of speech tolerated on U.S. soil and that there will be penalties for those who contradict such a pledge.

So I still may not know who my next President is going to be while I write this particular entry, but I know that today is November 7th and I’ve been looking towards the 15th as being the start of layout decision process of this particular publication regardless of who my President will be.  I still haven’t gotten my hands on two more sets of minutes so I don’t even know how that is going to go today, but at least its starting to warm up a little.  I hate having to wear three layers of clothes just to walk a few miles!

<yawn>Yup! <stretch> Today is another day I have to go out into the world and see what changed while my eyes were closed.  I still have a bunch of unattached opinions rattling around my imagination.


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